Watch the Space Architects story on Quality Homes in North Tyneside

In 2014 North Tyneside Council embarked on a major £70million, three-year, housing redevelopment programme which generated 924 much needed new and refurbished homes for the elderly.

Space Architects role was to oversee and deliver the design of the homes, using its specialist techniques and research to style the housing to meet the exacting needs of elderly residents.

A crucial part of the planning strategy, and a contributor to the unprecedented success of the project, was the importance given to the Stakeholder consultation. Liaising with residents, housing managers, relatives and development teams allowed North Tyneside Council and Space Architects to determine exactly what residents needed from their new homes.

A substantial amount of research was carried out on the requirements of the elderly, for visual impairments, disabilities and other specific needs, to ensure the accommodation met building regulations and standards such as the RNID standards, The Equality Act, Part M building regulations and BS8300.

This revolutionary new development was not only designed to promote choice, health and well-being but with the aim of enabling the residents to remain independent in their homes for longer, so that their new environments will eliminate the need for specialist care.

Watch the Space Architects story on how these homes were created and the ultimate outcome of resident satisfaction.



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